Custom Trucks

GCC Truck


The Gourmet Craft & Catering state-of-the-art catering trucks, are custom built with the highest rated kitchen appliances and equipment. All appliances are run on natural propane, to ensure the most efficient the highest quality of cooking. Both trucks are equipped with Rational Combi ovens, built in Germany. The Combi ovens use a combination of hot air and moisture, to ensure that all meats are cooked perfectly and moist. With the built-in probe, GCC can guarantee that the poultry is cooked safely and properly,  and the beef or pork is cooked to the clients desired specification. Both trucks are also equipped with charbroils and 6 burner imperial stoves. To better accomodate the different needs of each clients events, the trucks were custom built with serving windows for guests to use if required. The built-in hot tables allow GCC to make sure the food is always served hot and fresh.