In July of 2009, Gourmet Craft & Catering was launched with a dream to become the number one film and television caterer in Toronto. Taking a fresh approach, and with unique ideas, the team endeared themselves and their new business venture, to both casts and crews.

Antonio operates Gourmet Craft & Catering with a simple philosophy…

“We provide our customers with the highest quality product, using food sourced locally in the GTA and prepared fresh on-site”.

In 2019, the group successfully launched their craft division, offering all-day access to cast and crews to a full range of drinks, snacks and meals ranging from breakfast to dinner in our versatile craft trucks.

In 2022, marked another landmark, successfully launching their plus division to bring their dedication and quality cuisine, to weddings, special events and corporate functions.

“We guarantee that every customer will be treated as an A-list celebrity!”

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