1.  Tiger Shrimp skewer with horseradish (hot)
2.  Veggie Spring rolls with plum sauce (hot)
3.  Veggie Spanakopita with green yogurt and mint (hot)
4.  Smoked Mac & Cheese with herbed panko crust served in ramekins (hot)
5.  White Truffle & navy bean puree on a rosemary crostini (cold)
6.  Three cheese baby quiche (hot)
7.  Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast strip lions & onion jam (cold)
8.  Individual wild mushroom & fresh thyme tartlets with parmesan cheese (hot)
9.  Golden beet salad with duck confit on Chinese spoon (cold)
10.   Chicken tender satay with Thai peanut (hot)
11.  Mini prime rib sliders with sweet onion jam, Dijon aioli, and Brie cheese (hot)
12.  Popcorn all white meat chicken with sweet chilli glaze (hot)
13.  Sweet potato fries with chipotle aioli (hot)
14.  Mini hot dogs with traditional condiments (hot)
15.  In house smoked Atlantic salmon, with chive cream cheese and fresh lemon and capers on a crostini (cold)
16.  Crostini with heirloom cherry tomato, Bononcini cheese and fresh basil (cold)
17.  Flat bread “pizza” with fire roasted vegetables (hot)
18.  Shrimp satay with peanut satay sauce and cilantro (hot)
19.  Rice paper wraps with fresh vegetables and tamari dressing (cold)
20.   Grilled Cheese with your choice of cheese, bread and a assortments of meats (hot)
21.  Black olive short bread with chevre, slow roasted teardrop tomato and micro basil. (hot)
22.  Crostini with truffled white bean puree and red sorrel. (cold)
23.  Fish Taco served on a soft tortilla, topped with pico digallo and chipotle aioli (hot)
24.  Asian slaw with seared ahi tuna topped with wasabi aioli (cold)
25.  Beef nori wrap with tri color asparagus and hoison sauce (cold)
26.  Mini Vegetable frittatas topped with a chive mousse (cold)
27.  Mini corn fritters topped with guacamole and julienne bacon (cold)
28.  Crostini topped with Portobello mushrooms, tartar and lemon scented goat cheese (cold)
29.  Mini lamb kofta balls served on a bamboo skewer with a golden curry dipping sauce. (hot)
30.  Spicy sweetcorn fritters with yoghurt mint chutney (cold)
31.  Stilton scones topped with in-house prosciutto and port infused figs (cold)
32.  Smoked salmon bundles filled with julienne vegetables and tamari. Wrapped in nori. (cold)
33.  Bellini’s topped with lemon caper berry crème fraiche and caviar. (cold)
34.  Mini beef tenderloin and pearl onion kebabs served with a béarnaise dipping sauce. (hot)
35.  Marinade lamb cutlets served medium and served with a mint dipping sauce. (hot)
36.  Mini Panko crusted duck confit cakes served with beet ketchup. (hot)
37.  Garlic butter escargot in puff pastry baked until golden brown (cold)