1.  Mini Hot dogs with sauerkraut, Dijon mustard & smoked in house ketchup.
2.  Mini Sliders ( choice of organic beef, bison, lamb, elk, venison ) served with onion jam, wholegrain mustard and “ local cheese”
3.  Smoked Mac N’ Cheese with herbed panko crust served in a ramekin.
4.  Mini Gourmet pizzas with “ local produce toppings “
5.  Grilled Cheese bar with local cheeses and cured meats.
6.  GCC BBQ Baby back ribs with GCC rub and glaze
7.  “Farm Fresh” mini salads in Chinese boxes
8.  GCC Chicken wings ( Various sauces )
9.  Pad Thai with local Bok Choy, pickled radish, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cilantro, lime wedges, crushed peanuts.
10.  Yukon Gold Fries in newspaper cones served with chipotle aioli (Also available in sweet potato)
11.  Poutine

Traditional poutine
Poutine With BBQ braised chicken and aged cheddar
Sweet potato poutine
Gnnochi poutine
Bacon poutine with smoked demi glaze
Duck confit poutine
Indian style poutine with paneer cheese
Poutine with béarnaise
Poutine with mushroom gravy and cheese curds, fried basil leaves
Meatball poutine