HOT ITEMS * could be passed with hors d’oeurves Crispy Chicken and Ham Croquettes. Miniature chicken / pork brochettes with salsa verde Cheese and olive empandillas with fiery tomato salsa Tiny Spanish meatballs in an almond sauce and fresh nutmeg Traditional Spanish paella served in ramekins. Chorizo braised in red wine flamed in brandy served on toothpicks with fresh parsley. Deep fried calamari with citrus aioli.

COLD ITEMS * could be stationary Roasted Ontario asparagus wrapped in prosciutto Devilled eggs with pimiento peppers, green olives and paprika Black Olive tapenade crostini’s with roasted teardrop tomatoes Tortilla Espanola ( asparagus, peppers, bacon, artichoke, potato and smoked gouda) Salmon ceviche on Chinese spoons with edible flowers petals Lime Drizzled shrimp served with romesco dipping sauce. Chilled malpeque oyster on a bed of cucumber ribbons topped with cava granita Spanish gazpacho soup shooters Chorizo with sweet melon and mint